About me.

Well not that much to tell really. My name is Laura, I have four beautiful children. Reece who is 10, Dylan (the villain) who is 7, Isabella who is 3 (going on 30) and Gabriella (aka Gabzilla named for her house wrecking super powers) who is 2. I am married to Paul and we have been together for nearly 12 years now. When I say he is long suffering, I am really not joking.

We live in Warwickshire (sounds quite posh, but trust me it isn’t). I am studying (or at least trying to) Law at a relatively well known Russell Group University. I have recently dropped down to studying part time due to the madness that is my life recently, and quite frankly the madness that is me in general.

If you want to contact me, please leave me a message and I will respond with my email address. Any thoughts on my posts or just if you want to say hi would be brilliant, and I welcome feedback, although please be gentle with me.